Hurricane Insurance Claim Tips (1)

Hurricane Insurance Claim Tips

Before the Storm:

Make sure you have the right coverages. 

Locate a copy of your insurance policy now (paper and digital). Review your insurance policy and endorsements to ensure coverage for hurricane loss. If you aren’t covered, contact your agent to add hurricane loss coverage. Call your insurance company and ensure all premiums are paid and that policy is effective.

Document buildings and contents.

Before the storm, document the condition of the insured structures and contents. With your cell phone, or other recording device, photograph and/or video record each exterior wall of your building, the roof, interior rooms, contents, storage areas, other structures, and vehicles. Narrate recordings by describing the general conditions of each area, including items present and whether there is pre-existing damage or absence of any damage. 

Document your preparation efforts:

While policies do not generally require installation of storm window coverings, bringing in loose items and securing entry and garage doors, some insurers may attempt to call into question whether premium discounts you received for wind mitigation devices was improperly obtained. Documentation of your efforts to protect the property prior to a storm will aid in dispelling such arguments and, in some cases, explain why damage to some areas of the home are more sever than others. 


Document your departure date and time and ensure that, in addition to loved ones and personal effects, that you bring printed and digital copies of the policy and all photographs or videos of the insured property you took while documenting pre-storm conditions.

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