Hurricane Insurance Claim Tips (3)

Staying on top of your claim after reporting is one of the best ways to ensure timely payment.

After the Claim is Reported:

Keep copies of all correspondence. 

Communicate with your insurance  company in writing whenever possible and send emails or letters memorializing  verbal communications with insurance company representatives. Keep a log of all phone calls with the date, name, and title of the representative and detail what was said on the call.  Keep a record of your time and expenses incurred adjusting your loss, seeking alternative living arrangements, and performing repairs. Save all claim  related emails in their own file.

Know who is evaluating your claim and watch what they do. 

When they arrive, ask any adjuster if they are an employee of the insurance company or a third -party adjuster. GET A BUSINESS CARD. Keep track of how long the adjuster is at your property, hours and minutes, and document whether they inspected all the damage to your property. Get the name of your “desk adjuster” assigned to your claim and secure their email address and phone number. Ask every assigned adjuster for their Florida issued license number.

Record receipt of all claim payments. 

When possible, deposit claim payments into accounts kept separately from your own. Keep an account of all claim’s payments received and moneys used for expense or repair. 

Meet insurance company deadlines.

When an insurance company asks you for documentation, to provide a recorded statement, to appear for an examination under oath or to provide a sworn statement in proof of loss or to perform any other policy obligation, be careful to calendar deadlines they provide for compliance. Failure to meet their deadlines may result in a rightful denial of your claim. If you discover that you missed a deadline, attempt to comply as soon as practicable and explain in writing any reasonable basis for delays. 

Claim denials and underpayments happen. Help is available. 

Bennett Legal is available for a free consultation. Put our experience to work for you. We do not charge for representation unless we help you recover. 

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