RV Damage and Insurance

It’s the season of summer trips and for many that means packing up your Airstream or Jayco and hitting the dusty trail. Having recently traveled many of the highways of our fair nation, I heard and read terrible tales about road accidents, freak tornadoes, damaging hail, flying awnings, electrical fires, campground thefts, water leaks, and rodent infestation. Of course, most of these issues are not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, and, for those that are, a 1-3 year window goes by fast. As a result, many of these tales often ended with a similar refrain, “waiting to hear about insurance.”

At the time of purchase, most responsible owners obtain insurance to cover their RV. Many wrestle with whether to get coverage for total loss replacement, personal effects coverage, roadside assistance, special storage options, permanent attachment coverage or even full-timer coverage. Understanding these coverages at the time of purchase may seem relatively easy. However, as history often bears out, when it comes to an insurance company’s interpretation of how those coverages should be applied to your specific loss, many RVers are often unsatisfied with the result of their claim, and the claim process.

With many RVers making Florida their base camp, understanding the implications of Florida law for your insurance policy or claim for damage to you travel trailer, 5th wheel or motorhome is important. If you have sustained a loss and have questions about why the insurance company reduced payments, excluded certain damages from coverage or completely denied your claim, Bennett Legal is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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