Is Soil Collapse Covered by Insurance?

Ground Cover Collapse Hudson, FL

Hudson, FL- The community of Lakeside Woodlands has had 36 soil depressions, possible sinkholes, open up on private property since August 13, 2019. It’s easy to forget that the rainy season in Florida does not just bring flood risk. Increase in rainwater generally brings increased dissolution of limestone within the aquifer system. Ground cover collapse can happen when underlying soil moves into the voids created during limestone dissolution. The difficulty for property owners is determining when soil collapses, like those occurring in Lakeside Woodlands, creates an obligation for a property owner to report a claim under their insurance policy. The analysis turns on a few critical points, including how close the soil depressions are to an insured structure and/or whether there is any damage to the insured structure corresponding with the soil movement. An attorney with  experience litigating these types of can quickly review your insurance policy and help you evaluate whether and how to present an insurance claim. Attorney Ryan Bennett has handled hundreds of claims involving sinkhole loss and catastrophic ground cover collapse. If you have concerns regarding soil depressions on your property, contact Bennett Legal today for a free consultation.  

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