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Hurricane Damage

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Hurricanes are a fact of life in Florida. Living in our tropical paradise means that we must always be prepared for the next one. Hurricanes and/or tropical storms cause widespread damage to Florida nearly every year. Navigating your way through a claim denial or claim underpayment can be disheartening in a post-catastrophe setting. Bennett Legal provides guidance and strength to its clients both in the presentation of new claims and obtaining positive resolutions for already filed claims. 

Most insurance companies view an unrepresented property owner as an easy target for estimate manipulation, or outright wrongful denial. Larger hurricanes can produce hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of legitimate claims. Bennett Legal prides itself on changing the insurance companies perception of our clients from just being another number to a  policyholder deserving of payment.

Fire Damage

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Fire losses can be devastating. Indeed, most insurance company claims adjusters often describe a fire as being the most difficult claim they have to assist a homeowner through. Possessions and memories are often totally destroyed and erased. Bennett Legal's experience has been that most claims adjusters truly want to assist policyholders affected by fire to get back on their feet as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, dealing with fire loss, aside from being devastating, can also be one of the most complex claims to present and get fully paid. It is critical to have the right assistance in identifying both how a building should be repaired, if it should be repaired, and capturing all of the available policy overages for damaged possessions, increased expenses, and professional assistance. Bennett Legal has seen many policyholders through disputes involving fire losses. 

Water & Mold

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Claims for water and mold damage often start small. Many plumbing losses if caught immediately will not balloon into situations requiring rooms to be demolished or slabs to be broken through. However, water leaks can be subtle and deceiving. Often times, homeowners do not realize a leak has occurred or that mold has formed until some time has passed. By that point, damage has become widespread and easy fix options are out of the question. Bennett Legal has helped many home owners deal with claims resulting in water and mold damage to cabinetry,  walls, flooring, and personal possessions. Losses of this type typically occur because of broken drain  and supply lines, failed shower pans, exploding water heaters, and broken toilet seals have allowed water to leave the plumbing system. Insurance companies have begun to heavily combat claims for water and mold damage associated with plumbing loss. These companies many times impose reduced coverage limits for damage associated with this loss type and attempt to develop defenses to coverage from the moment a claim is filed.Understanding how to confront hygienists, leak detection companies and forensic engineers is important for any policyholder hoping to recover for a water damage loss. Bennett Legal is ready to provide you the understanding and representation necessary to bring your claim to its proper resolution. 

Hail Damage

Homewoner hail damage insurance claim

Hail storms come quickly and often without advanced warning. The damage they cause can be widespread or to isolated areas. Insurance companies invest heavily in meteorological and engineering experts to develop methodologies to dismiss and deny valid claims for hail damage to roofs, personal property and interior finishes. In pursuing a claim for hail damage it is important to have an advocate that can incorporate both an analytical approach to damage identification and proper implementation of available technological resources to support your claim of damage and prove it to the eventual fact finder, be it the judge or jury. Bennett Legal has assisted many clients in the battle to obtain coverage for loss of their roof, siding, paint, windows, and interior damages resulting from ensuing water intrusion. 

Sinkhole Damage

Homeowner sinkhole insurance claim

Sinkhole Loss claims are possible anywhere in Florida. Sinkhole loss causes significant movement to the foundation of the home often resulting in cracking to exterior block walls, interior separations between ceilings and walls and cracking to floor tiles and moisture intrusion through cracking damage to the slab. Attorney Bennett has handled hundreds of claims for sinkhole loss and has provided stable guidance to property owners from the claim and litigation process through stabilization and building repair. If you have a sinking feeling that your sinkhole claim has gotten away from you or, otherwise, that your insurance company is not giving your concerns regarding cracking damage to your home the proper consideration it deserves, please contact us for a no-cost consultation.

Property Claims

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Property insurance policies typically cover all risks, unless otherwise excluded and/or excepted from coverage. Bennett Legal has handled claims involving:


  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Blasting 
  • Building Collapse  
  • Business Interruption  
  • Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse
  • Earth Movement 
  • Electrical Surge 
  • Fallen Tree 
  • Fire  
  • Flood 
  • Foundation Movement 
  • Freight & Cargo Loss 
  • Hail  
  • Hurricane 
  • HVAC Failure 
  • Lightning  
  • Mold 
  • Personal Property Theft 
  • Pipe Break 
  • Plumbing Leak 
  • Pool Pop 
  • Retaining Wall Failure 
  • Roof Leak 
  • Seawall Failure 
  • Sewage Backup 
  • Sinkhole 
  • Storm Surge 
  • Structural Damage 
  • Tree Roots 
  • Vandalism 
  • Vehicle Impact to Buildings
  • Vehicle Theft 
  • Vibration Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Wind Damage