Claim Settlement- Bennett Legal

Hurricance Claim- $45,000.00

Our client’s home in Riverview,  Florida was severely damaged by hurricane winds and rain. The insurance company took the position that the damages to the roof were less than the policy deductible and refused to pay for interior damages. Our firm initiated a lawsuit against the insurance company who maintained its position that no further payment was due. With a hurricane insurance attorney, the claim and lawsuits were successfully resolved for the client. 

Sinkhole Claim- $510,000.00

Our client filed a sinkhole claim with his insurance company, who investigated the damages and denied the claim. Attorney Bennett filed a lawsuit against the insurance company for wrongful denial. The lawsuit and claims were resolved for payments totaling $510,000.00. 

Fire Claim- $310,000.00

Our client filed a claim for fire damage and was paid just over $113,000.00. They retained Attorney Bennett and, after a thorough re-evaluation of the damages and overlooked code upgrades and personal contents, Attorney Bennett was able to assist the clients in obtaining a total claim recovery of $310,000.00.

Vehicle Theft- $93,000.00

After filing a claim for theft of their semi-truck, the insurance company requested that our clients appear for examinations under oath. Our clients retained Attorney Bennett to get through the examination under oath process and to assist with document production requests. After the examinations were concluded, the claim was resolved for payment totaling $93,000.00.

Vehicle Impact- $243,000.00

Our client filed a claim after a vehicle involved in an accident on the roadway crashed into our client's kitchen and living room. The insurance company made initial payments of just over $30,000.00. Attorney Bennett identified several overlooked areas of coverage and filed a lawsuit on behalf of our clients. Ultimately, our clients were able to obtain benefits from the homeowners insurance company and the respective auto insurance companies totaling just over $243,000.00.

Damage to Cargo Freight- $471,000.00

Our client endeavored to ship a large scale printing press internationally. In transit the printing press fell from its transport and was effectively totaled. A dispute between the insurance company for the shipper and our clients arose as to the value of the damaged printer. After consultation with experts in the field and negotiations with the insurance company, Attorney Bennett was able to amicably resolve their claim for $471,000.00.