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Client, Bradenton

We're so lucky to have found an attorney like you. I love your brain and the way you look for coverage angles on our claim that no one else could see. I only wish that we had found someone like you to help us with our claim from the start.

Client, Daytona Beach

Thank you so much for the work you did on my case. You were so diligent & thorough. You continually looked for varied ways of approaching this claim. I hope I never have to use your services again!! However, if I do have another catastrophe, I will be contacting you. I would also recommend your firm to my friends should they need such a wonderful advocate as you both have been... I know Marty spent many hours on a satisfactory resolution. Thank you again for all you've done. 

Client, Jacksonville

Thanks again Attorney Ryan for your excellent counsel in resolving these matters. I appreciate your attention to detail and your analytical approach to problem solving. 

Client, Spring Hill

Thank you so much for your help in getting my sinkhole claim covered. The repairs are now completed. We are so happy to have our home stabilized and the nightmare of dealing with the insurance company alone behind us. 

Other Attorney, St. Petersburg

Ryan did a great job of working this claim up. He took what was an abandoned and forgotten claim and really saved his clients' home. 

Mediator, Tampa

I truly appreciate Ryan's straightforward approach to settlement discussions and case resolution.  Ryan does an excellent job of cutting through the clutter and getting to heart of the issue, concisely providing the opposing litigation adjuster only that relevant information necessary to justify amicable payment.